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To the Practice of Psychosomatic Medicine



The focus of these activities is the intersection of constitutional homeopathy and the techniques of transactional hypnosis that were developed by Milton Erickson (ITHH), as well as the methods of energy psychotherapy (EDxTM) that were developed by Fred Gallo.

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Using psychosomatic medicine as a springboard, my work aspires toward a holistic and individual approach not only to regulate endogenous processes and to prevent illnesses, but above all to causally treat acute and chronic symptoms.
Expanding on my range of treatments, I additionally offer personal Hypno-Coaching and Strategic Business Coaching (ITHH).

The following pages will offer you a look at my working methods and the versatility of my treatment methods.                                              
I gladly provide guidance and support

  • for mental and physical symptoms, either acute or chronic in nature.
  • prophylacticlly, in order to strengthen your immune system.
  • during the process of discovering and working out your goals, potentials, and needs in a resource-oriented manner.
  • in dissolving unconscious as well as conscious blocks and stressors.
  • in order to effectively improve your self-confidence.
  • in building your life story. 


This website will provide you with an overview of the curative methods fundamental to my work.
In addition, you will find information about psychosomatic medicine, homeopathy, and transactional hypnosis, as well as methods of energy psychotherapy.
Since this website cannot replace a personal impression, you are welcome to contact me for a non-binding first interview via telephone, in order to obtain more information regarding your specific issue and so we can get to know each other.
Please call during my regular consulting hours or send me an email with your request for a telephone appointment.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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