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Psychosomatic medicine and the concept of therapy

Psychosomatic medicine
and the concept of therapy

The approach of psychosomatic medicine deals with the psychological,

biological, and social aspects of illnesses.
Psychosomatic medicine is composed of the words psyche and soma,
and describes a constant interaction between our soul and our body.
We imminently perceive in every moment that our experiences, thoughts,
and emotions are always accompanied by physical reactions.

In this sense, there are no physical illnesses that are disconnected from the soul. Nor are there physical illnesses that do not influence our mental state.
The separateion of physical illnesses (soma) from the soul (psyche) in a symptom-oriented approach no longer works with our emerging concepts of life, the perspective of current scientific knowledge, or an alternative medical treatment approach.

Aside from neglecting to integrate the human experience--one’s own life story--which has formed the way one sees him/herself and the world, a symptom-oriented treatment often complicates the path toward a long-term relief or recovery. This is where my work as a Therapist starts. My therapeutical concept considers mental and emotional factors, in addition to environmental factors, to be significant to the cause and persistence of symptoms. Our body often functions as a physical manifestation or translation of the soul.

To name some examples, physical symptoms will symbolically express themselves in unconscious and non-expressed ways.
Specifically, mental conflicts (psyche)--if insufficiently assimilated--will often express themselves in patterns of physical reactions (soma). Concurrently, psychological symptoms will appear as a result of physical illnesses and need to be considered during treatment.
Besides constitutional treatment, my work with homeopathy often tries to integrate two other  psyche-focused and solution-based therapy methods which will be explained in detail with the respective methods.

These three pillars of my therapeutical concept will be applied according to individual need, either separately or combined.
In accordance with the holistic principle, the dynamic individuality of each person will be respected and space will be provided for further personal development.

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