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The word homeopathy derives from Greek, specifically from homoios (similar)
and pathos (suffering). Literally, homeopathy translates to “similar suffering“.
However, the effective principle of homeopathy is best described by a Latin expression:
Similia similibus curentur, which translates to “like cures like.“
This means that when a substance administered to a healthy person provokes certain symptoms, the same or a similar substance can be given to an ill person with those symptoms.

Homeopathy is a broad method of natural healing that lets the body rediscover its health by virtue of its own strength, and by getting back into balance. A correctly chosen medicine will trigger important processes of operative cycles within the human organism and stimulate self-regulating healing functions. The patient will then be supported while he or she copes with acute or chronic illnesses, and works toward healing.

Since each individual is influenced by their particular experiences and environment, the dynamics of body, mind, and soul receive special attention
within the homeopathic anamnesis. By doing so, it is not the illness but
rather the patient--with his or her integral complexity—that is the highest priority.
This requires a thorough consideration of a large number of symptoms at the moment of choosing the right medicine. A homeopathic treatment therefore not only considers medical diagnostics, but the symptoms respective to the illness, circumstances, and (senti)mental symptoms as well.

Despite many similarities in the development of clinical symptoms, every person’s reaction is very different. A cold, for example, is not always the same.
This is why homeopathy offers different medicines for the same illness, and why one homeopathic substance can be used to treat various illnesses.
Homeopathic medicine is easily digestible. Its effect is profound, lasting, and yet gentle. It stimulates and regulates the self-healing processes of the body and thereby achieves a long-term strengthening of the body as it makes its way toward better health.

For information on the multiple possibilities of use and indications of homeopathy see Indications.

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