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Transactional Hypnosis and Coaching

Transactional Hypnosis
and Coaching

Today, hypnosis is accepted as an effective psychotherapeutic method alongside other forms of treatment, such as behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.
Based on the principles of the hypnotherapeutic approach that was developed by the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. H. Milton Erickson, and the transactional analysis developed by Eric Berne and Adolf Lazarus, my holistic therapy concept includes the method of Transactional Hypnosis of the Institut für Transaktionale Hypnose, Hamburg (Institute for Transactional Hypnosis / ITHH).

The Transactional Hypnosis developed by Erickson (ITHH) creates an intersection of both therapeutic concepts and can therefore be considered, along with the methods of energy psychotherapy (EDxTM) and the influential aspects of EMDR, as the foundation of my work as hypnotherapist and strategic business coach.
The main difference among classic forms of psychotherapy is the consideration of the subconscious within the practice of seeking solutions for personal and professional matters.

Coaching or HypnoCoaching can be used for the following:
• Personality
• Health
• Profession
• Relationships
• Sports

Coaching is appropiate when change in any of these categories is desired.
Both the stimulation of self-reflection, as well as the improvement of perception of experience and personal behaviour, have a positive effect on one’s professional and private life.
Within the context of coaching, the patient functions above all as an expert on his/her matters and possible solutions. The coach functions as an expert on the means and methods, helping the patient develop and realize goal-oriented strategies.
The "inner coherence" of the patient is significant and will be achieved through resource- and solution-oriented consultation.
To be familiar with one’s skills and to learn how to harness them creates a multitude of possibilites for action. It helps to achieve tranquility, composure, and energy through the development and realization of one’s potentials, making one become more focused and content.

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