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Energy Psychotherapy developed by Fred Gallo

nach Fred Gallo


Energy Psychotherapy

Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Method

Energy psychology assumes that emotional disorders are triggered by blocks within the body’s energy system. It has been known for thousands of years that energy cycles extend throughout the whole body.

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These meridians and routing paths are the foundation of far-eastern medicine and the basis for healing methods like acupuncture and acupressure. While acupuncture is mainly applied today for pain relief and the treatment of physical diseases, the progressive treatment approach of energery psychotherapy was also developed on the basis of the meridian theory and forms another pillar of my therapeutic work.

The meaning of energy cycles on the basis of a specific form of body memory became known in the mid 80s by Dr. Roger Callahan and Dr. John Diamond. 
They recognized that feelings and emotions, like traumatic experiences, seem to be unconsciously memorized by endogenous routing paths. Therefore, they began exploring the treatment of negative emotions by means of direct stimulation of acupuncture spots.

The American psychotherapist Dr. Fred Gallo, founder of the EDxTM-therapy (Energetic Treatment and Diagnostic Method), made use of this research and completed his work on individual acupuncture spots by using other methods as well, like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), elements of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and the kinesiology muscle test. This means that disorders of the energy system can be shown via a neurophysiological bio-feedback system by testing individual muscle tensions. Our personality, genetic factors, environment, life situations, and thoughts are in direct correspondence with our psychological and physical comfort.
The thought of fear or the confrontation with a fear-triggering situation creates a block in our energy system which will be visible and testable through changed muscle tension.

The remembered, negatively-experienced situation or the fear-triggering moment does not necessarily have to be conscious. Emotions which are experienced as negative and the related stress can already be seen as a block of the endogenous energy system, forming the starting point of the EDxTM-method.

By tapping certain acupuncture spots in a specific order, negative emotions can be destressed and effectively treated.
Through this multisensory and emotional integration of events, fixed patterns of negativity can be profoundly clarified and resolved.
In an ever-expanding, self-regulative way, direct access to individual resources can be activated and sustained on a mental and physical level. New associationg will be made, triggering and supporting personal transformation processes.

Fields of application

Energy psychotherapy is regarded as part of the set of systemic approaches and, nowadays, is one of the most developed methods of treatment for emotional-physical disorders. It is of particular value within the therapy of psychological traumas, anxieties, phobias, panic conditions, pressure, behavioral problems, depression, and persistent nervous disorders of physical kind like aches, tinnitus, asthma, and allergies.

Besides its use as an independent treatment method, I continue to successfully integrate this therapy concept into my work with constitutional homeopathy and transactional hypnosis.

The method of EDxTM is a short-term and focused treatment form.
Depending on individual symptoms, a few appointments will suffice.
I will happily inform you about the possibilities of this treatment in a short, personal interview.

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