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The course of treatment

The course of treatment

This is what will be expected of you:

Please make sure there is enough time for your personal appointment in my practice. It is very important, especially at the beginning of the treatment, to limit your topics during the conversation in order to emphasize and focus on the most important aspects. Topics to be treated range from a concrete anxiety or any dysfunctional, negative emotion, all the way up to a traumatic experience.

Since feelings are decisively connected to physical perceptions, it is important to include the body during the treatment of emotional stresses.
Many patients report that they have felt physically stressing sensations while talking about their matters.

After this well-directed anamnesis, I use body feedback and the method of kinesiology muscle testing in order to screen your present stress (SUD) on the basis of your to-be-developed, subjective stress scale and to see where in your system additional weakening fields can be found.
By activating the negative experience through different sensory paths, the meridians which are related to the problem can be detected on a physical level and subsequently be treated.

During the actual treatment sequence, you will guidedly tap certain acupuncture spots on the meridians and additionally activate other process centers within the brain via eye movements, humming, counting, and speech, all of which are important for effective treatment.
Many spots of treatment are in the face and on the hands, and are therefore easily accessible. Between treatment sequences, I will regularly check up on your present stress by means of muscle tests and adapt further steps to be taken (interventions and individual acupuncture spots).

Thoughts and feelings that - in their emotional quality - have been experienced as stressful before, usually change for patients within the first few sessions in a profound way. With the individual meridians you will be able to detect, immediately, how emotional states and stress change and improve within the physical experience.

During each appointment, the well-directed interventions will allow you to access your personal, self-regulating resources on a physical-mental level. Afterward, I will gladly provide a program for you to use in the privacy of your own home. This way you will be able to repeat single exercises, establishing and expanding upon effective, goal-serving strategies and behaviors.

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